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What we do.

We power the advertising that powers free printing.

Aiwip is an ad tech platform that serves as a direct gateway to targeting University students. We equip agencies and advertisers with a unique solution for speaking to a very elusive audience in their everyday life. Printed & Digital advertising formats enable us to maximise our ad serving potential. With integrated, targeted and scalable adverts our customers maximise yields, monetisation and campaign effectiveness.

Printed banners.

Our platform takes the pain of printing fees away from students and creates an ecosystem for brands to place engaging ad banners on the footer of the printed pages.

Highly targeted, scalable and trackable our printed ads unlock the full potential of the 14-hour per week dwell time spent on learning from the printed material.

Multiple impressions per document and 100% opening rates ensure brands gain maximum exposure which sticks.

Digital Banners.

Digital Banners are a great way to share general discounts with our students. These are nice and easy for the students to use and require no purchase or effort from the student to redeem.

A great example of this could be a discounted entry to a nightclub or buy get one free on drinks in a bar.

Campaign dashboard.

Aiwip dashboard provides full control over your advertising campaign.

Campaign reporting with Aiwip gives immediate feedback, helping you react quickly to improve performance and manage campaign health.

Analyse and optimise your campaign on Aiwip dashboard, including performance, billing, inventory and audience analytics.

Our clients.

Companies already reaping the rewards.

We've been very lucky that some incredible companies jumped on board early and have already started making the most of our product.

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